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Day One®  Partners

Inspired by stories from survivors of domestic violence, Day One®  was developed through a partnership of the Allina Health System Foundation, the Twin Cities United Way and Minnesota Battered Women Shelters.

Day One® offers fast, seamless help to domestic violence victims and their families. In partnership with Minnesota shelters, domestic violence victims find a place to go the first time they call.
They receive immediate access to safety from the violence in their lives.

The Success

  • Vast reduction of the number of calls domestic violence victims need to make to find a shelter.
  • Significant improvement providing the most appropriate services to victims with a single call.
  • Increased opportunity for victims to remain safe while relocating within Minnesota, including a partnership with Greyhound Lines, Inc.
  • An expansion from ten providers to a partnership of 47 domestic violence shelters and
    safe homes.
  • An increased opportunity for networking and a strengthening of relationships between shelters in Minnesota.


Colleen Schmitt, Day One® Manager
Day One®
is a program of
1000 East 80th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420
Voice: (952) 646-6545
TTY: (952) 646-6561
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